Open House Meeting Minutes | June 17, 2015

Milwaukee County Parks, the City of Milwaukee, TERRA Engineering, Ltd. and neighborhood association members hosted an open house on Wednesday, June 17, 2015 at Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Charter School. The presentation format for the open house was an informal format where the public participants signed in, received comment sheets, and viewed project exhibit boards. The boards displayed illustrated a summary of the public workshop, park concept alternative plans, Master Plan renderings, perspective renderings of proposed improvements, a cross section through the stormwater mitigation area, and precedent images of activities and features that depict the potential character of the park’s improvements. Task force members were available at each exhibit board to explain and review the boards, and to answer questions from the public. Below are the downloadable presentation boards that were displayed at the open house.

Workshop Summary Presentation Board

Alternative Concepts Presentation Board

Existing Golf Course Presentation Board

Master Plan Presentation Board

Stormwater Mitigation Area Presentation Board

Perspective and Cross Section Presentation Board

Precedent Imagery Presentation Board

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