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The purpose of the Dineen Park Master Plan is to develop a comprehensive vision for the 64-acre parkland in context with its location, natural resources, and vision of the community. This vision will act as a framework for the park’s use and development over a 20 to 30 year time period.

The master plan will incorporate the detention facility design from the 2013 neighborhood storm water study. The first of adopted design recommendations from the neighborhood storm water study is the trash rack near the intersection of North 63rd Street and West Melvina. Together the detention facility and trash rack will aid to mitigate localized flooding in the surrounding neighborhood. The master plan design recommendations will build upon the green infrastructure amenities in the park without compromising existing park programming. A public workshop was held on April 1st, 2015 at the Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Charter School to draw out the community’s ideas for the park, establish additional goals, and identify opportunities and constraints within the park that will guide the development of the park master plan.

When complete, the master plan will illustrate a summary of the planning process and document the project goals, public input, environmental impact analysis, recommended park improvements, and implementation recommendations. The final master plan report will be presented to the City and County Parks Board for acceptance and implementation. Dineen Park Master Plan Project Schedule

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